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Working Women Organization of Pakistan

We Want Peace

This year, March 8th, International Women's Day. takes place in a world where the flames of war are rising all over the world:

We have heard the statements threatening the Chavez government of Venezuela, of war, because it does not accept the orders of imperialism.

We have all seen the terrible pictures of Palestinian women and children running under the fire of missiles and bombs provided by U.S. imperialism and fired by the armed forces of the Israeli state.

Those terrible scenes are the same as those of people of Afghanistan whose villages have been burned and reduced to rubble by the U.S. air force because they were charged with "hiding terrorists."

Military occupation of Afghanistan has now been going on for 6 years and it only brings along with it never-ending destruction and war. That war is now spreading into Pakistan.

To spread the flame of war, imperialism is attempting to break up our countries to sow the seeds of hatred and fear between people who want to live together in peace and making use of differences of language, religion and gender. We, the women are those who suffer first and most from the situation created by imperialism and which is prevailing in all our countries.

On the occasion of the 8th of March, it is time to launch an Appeal of Women against War for Peace, for peaceful and friendly relations between all the peoples and the nations of our area. We want peace.

It is a woman's appeal, because women have always stood in the first line of the struggle against wars.

We women are the first victims of so-called "ethnic cleansing' of massacres under cover of religion.

We women are opposed to wars, to the waste of human lives sacrificed to imperialist greed: these lives are those of their sons and daughters, of their fathers, their brothers and their husbands.

Let's unite because we want peace, we want to live peacefully, to live in conditions where our children are fed and can be educated, in conditions where we are no longer facing violence and harm on a daily basis because we are women.

We women know that the domestic civil repression is intrinsically linked to the violence of war.

We are aware that the situation of women in our countries exists in the larger context of the global history of our continent, of colonisation and its consequences: partition, displacement, forced migrations and expulsions, all elements which imperialism uses today.

And we know that wars can only worsen that situation.

We need peace, we know it can be safeguarded only by the united action of all the peoples of our sub-continent.

That is why we are resisting against the moves of imperialism to gain strategic influence in our area to control our natural resources, not the least of which is oil.

That is why we fight against the plans of the IMF and the World Bank which aggravate the poverty and misery in each of our countries and create the conditions which allow war, conflicts and barbarism to develop. In fact, terror roams the world in many guises and is perpetrated under various banners, but the root of evil, of war and misery is imperialist domination, a system ready to crush millions of lives for the sake of profit.

As working class activists from all the sub-continent stated at the end of the Mumbai conference for a "fraternal alliance of the peoples and the organisations of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, for peace and unity of the people.":

"War, occupation, military presence are used to aggravate in each and every country the conditions of the working class, to attack its rights, to intensify its exploitation.

"Workers of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, have the same interests. ...

"Imperialism today is everywhere fostering conflicts on so-called ethnic or religious basis. But in the class struggle, the workers are united. Those who have organised the partition, to weaken the people at the time of independence, today intend to aggravate chaos and division."

That holds true for women. Women are in the first line of the victims of that system.

We call upon women in India, in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, in Sri Lanka, in Nepal, irrespective of their creed, of their language, of their geographical location to unite, to say together: We want peace, we want democracy, we want equality.

We can be at the vanguard of the struggle of the people of our sub-continent so that instead of wars, conflicts, we build together a friendly and peaceful alliance of all the oppressed and exploited who share the same interests.

We, women, will continue to fight in defence of our rights.

We calls upon all women militants of the world to act jointly with men inside trade unions, to resist the capitalist globalisation, the imperialist wars and the destruction of the environment and to demand trade union and democratic freedoms.

We women, on the occasion of March 8th 2008, International Women's Day, state our determination to fight against war, against all attempts to divide us, on the basis of "ethnicity", religion or language. We stand against war for the unity of our people, for democracy and for equal rights.

Rubina Jamil,
Working Women Organisation


I wish to endorse the appeal

"South Asian Women Against War, for Peace, for Unity of all the People of our Sub-continent, for Democracy, for Equality of Rights.


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